Established in 2008, Pitch Black Records stands as a testament to its founder’s profound love for music; an individual who is first and foremost a fan, and who also loves composing, performing and listening to music, but, most of all, discovering new music and sharing it with others. Since its establishment, the label has been driven by pure love and passion, and each one of its releases is infused with these two qualities, among others.

While the primary focus of the label lies in the realms of heavy and power metal, its musical horizons (just like its founder’s) are broad and inclusive. Embracing diverse styles of hard rocking or extreme sounds, especially of up-and-coming artists, all of them share a common thread – an immense passion intertwined with captivating melodies.

We are confident that our releases will never disappoint. One of our guiding principles after all makes it quite clear – don’t expect quantity from us, but you should most definitely expect quality!

“Music will never die, in whatever form it’s put out. This holds especially true for good, honest and passionate music that deserves to exist on a physical medium and even if there is only a handful of people out there that share the above view then that’s good enough to keep this label going.”
Phivos Papadopoulos
Pitch Black Records founder


Physical Distribution:

Our releases are available through many physical and online retailers around the world, including Amazon, eBay, Discogs and of course our Online Store among many others.

Our main physical distributors are:

Rock Inc. – Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg
Record Heaven – Scandinavia
Code7 Music/Proper Music Group – UK, Eire & Rest of the World

Digital Distribution:

Our releases are also available through all the leading digital music stores such as Bandcamp, iTunes & Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify and many others.

We are proud to be working with The Orchard as our digital distributor.

Pitch Black Concerts

Click here for a list of concerts we organised, co-organised or supported.


Pitch Black Records is a registered trading name of F. P. CYOPS LTD.
Reg. Number: ΗΕ 214916
VAT Number: CY 10214916E