New bands are encouraged to submit their work for consideration. Please know that we receive tons of material every week so we might not always get back to you.

Please read the following carefully and we encourage you to visit our ‘About‘ section to see what we usually look for in music.

Yes, you may send a CD by post (our address is below) but if you are emailing us with your music submission:

1. DON’T send large attachments.
2. We prefer that you provide us with a PRIVATE link where your music is STREAMED without us having to download it.
3. DON’T submit music that is not finalised yet (such as a demo recording, etc).
4. If your music/album has already been released in any form we are not interested.

Mailing address:
Pitch Black Records
P.O. Box 28522
Nicosia 2080

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