Australia’s progressive rock / heavy metal act FLITCRAFT joins Pitch Black Records

Pitch Black Records is pleased to announce the addition of Australian progressive rock / heavy metal act FLITCRAFT into its artist roster and the release of the band’s second album, “House at the Centre of the Universe”, out on April 28th.

FLITCRAFT is the personal project of hard rock / heavy metal musician Phillip T. King. Last seen on vocals and guitar in 70’s influenced psych-rockers BUTTERFLY, and on vocals in traditional / speed metallers GALAXY, King’s new project falls somewhere in between those previous musical adventures. It’s hard rock with quirk, traditional heavy metal with a twist.

Formed in 2020, the band is a result of King having more time in lockdown to gather his own favorite songs he had written and wanted to record over the years. With help from powerhouse drummer Jack Phillips the first FLITCRAFT album (“Our Long Journey to the Middle”) was released in early 2022, exuding heavy metal energy with undertones of psych and prog rock. The band then began playing shows around their hometown, Melbourne, and quickly finished work on a follow up record, including the addition of bass player extraordinaire Zac Halpin.

“House at the Centre of the Universe” at its core is a hard rock album; dressed with the flair and spirit of progressive rock and heavy metal. It seeks to create a sound and scope of adventure and excitement. Taking cues from classic albums of the last 50 years, this album can be described as an Australian rock experience that owes as much to classic Judas Priest and Megadeth as it does to 70’s Rush and Wishbone Ash, blending elements from all seamlessly into a cohesive whole.

FLITCRAFT’s new effort is also a narrative concept album in the tradition of Queensryche’s “Operation: Mindcrime” or King Diamond’s “Abigail”. It’s a self-contained original science fiction story about a young man in the year 2137; Uly is a half human / half android being on a physical and spiritual journey to the “House at the Centre of the Universe”.

In one sense the album can be immensely enjoyed as a whole – it’s a ride from start to finish – but the songs are also definitely individual statements that stand alone.

Part heavy and part lite, part psychedelic and part progressive; FLITCRAFT is strange, yet familiar music, for strange, yet familiar times.

“House at the Centre of the Universe” will be out on CD, Digital and (in association with LP. The album opener is available for streaming and free download below and featuring individual artwork.

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Album track listing:
1. Error Era (2137)
2. Earth is Not a Perfect Sphere
3. I Forgot Everything (Research at Dive Bars)
4. Chrysalistless (Uly’s Lament)
5. Galactic Road Trip (Wayworn Travellers)
6. Mother Jane (Mnemosyne)
7. Smoko With Sisyphus
8. The Pyre of John McDonald
9. The House (Entering, Redintegration, Mother Reprise, Era’s End)

Phillip T. King – Lead vocals, Guitars, Synth
Zac Halpin – Bass
Jack Phillips (aka Demon Samuels III) – Drums

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