Pitch Black Records 10 Years

Celebrating 10 Years!

Pitch Black Records 10 Years

WOW! It’s been ten years already since the first Pitch Black Records release and of course this can only mean one thing – some… “heavy” celebration is in order! 😉

A variety of festivities will take place during the year, but of course we won’t be revealing everything at once, so watch this space while everything is gradually announced. We kick things off with the following:

  1. The label’s inaugural release, DIPHTHERIA’s debut album (“To Wait For Fire”) which was released in March 2008, is now (and will be until the end of the year) available to download for FREE on the label’s Bandcamp page ( This of course means a choice between mp3, flac or even wav. Yes, even the bonus tracks! No catches, no gimmicks!
  2. A 10% discount is offered at the official Pitch Black Records Online Store ( until the end of the year. This discount is valid on any items, including those on clearance and is repeatable for future orders. The coupon code to use at checkout is ‘pbr10years‘.
  3. Additionally, again until the end of 2018, for ANY order on our Online Store, big or small, we will select a CD from all previous releases to be included with each order.

We also strongly encourage all fans to start using hashtag #PBR10years in all and any of their social media by posting anything related to Pitch Black. Trust us, you’ll want to do it! Even if this wasn’t part of a crazy competition, with an absolutely insane grand prize at the end of the year, well, why the hell not?!

Follow Pitch Black Records at and Facebook or through our iOS and Android apps, to keep updated as we reveal more and more details about our 10-year anniversary celebrations and of course stay tuned for the label’s newest signing and release coming soon!

Lastly, a huge THANKS to everyone for their support during these past 10 years! This would be completely pointless without you and your tremendously valuable support, so THANKS AGAIN!