Cypriot Thrash/Death Metal Veterans BLYND Unleash Ferocious Fourth Album “Unbeliever”

After nine years of anticipation, Thrash and Death Metal fans can finally rejoice as BLYND, the acclaimed Cypriot metal band, returns with their long-awaited fourth studio album.

Titled “Unbeliever”, the album promises to deliver an onslaught of blistering riffs, thunderous drums, and thought-provoking lyricism that fans have come to expect from the band.

Musically, the album has an overall dark atmosphere with both slow and fast-paced songs, some progressive passages, epic choruses and outros. Lyrically, the album deals with a variety of issues that have plagued (still plague) humanity – from war themes to Orwellian mass surveillance, propaganda, rewriting history and the suppression of free speech.

Since their formation in 2003, BLYND has been at the forefront of Cyprus’s metal scene, striving to bring its underground energy to the surface. With their latest offering, the quartet explores new sonic territories while staying true to their roots, creating an album that is both fresh and familiar. One thing is evident however: BLYND have triumphantly returned! “Unbeliever” is a solid testament to the band’s enduring vision and musical evolution.

“Unbeliever” is set to be released on June 7th on CD and Digital and it can now be pre-ordered from these locations:

The track “1984” is now available for streaming and free download below. A lyric video for the same track can be viewed further below.

1. Infernal
2. Between Two Worlds
3. Primordial Hunter
4. One Last Dance
5. Until We Die
6. 1984
7. Fire in the Sky
8. Uncrowned
9. Ground Zero

Andreas Paraschos – Vocals/Bass
George Masouras – Guitars
Andreas Hadjipandelis – Guitars
Alex Iacovou – Drums

Guest appearances:
Dobromir Ganchev – Vocals (Urban Grey), “Until We Die”
Andreas Spyrou – Vocals (Speak In Whispers), “1984”
Marilena Christofi – Vocals (Soprano), “Ground Zero”

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