Although we’re not involved with this event and it doesn’t really have anything to do with rock or metal, it’s still music-related and for a good cause, one that affects all of us in Cyprus (and soon all over the European “Union”), we fully support it! Here’s the official announcement from the organizers:

An all-day solidarity concert
People for People

On Monday, 1 April 2013, from 4pm until midnight, more than 50 performing artists will join their voices and their art in an all-day solidarity concert entitled CyprusAid, to be held at the Constanza moat in Nicosia.

Your support for this initiative will serve to convey to the outside world a resounding message of our solidarity.  There is no financial cost to attend the concert, but participants will be asked to make only a contribution in kind, such as food, medicines and other basic items, which will be distributed to individuals, families and other groups who have an immediate need.

In the last few days we have experienced a cold shower, and lived through intense emotions and rapid, successive reversals.  The sole thing of which we were certain was the uncertainty facing us. The widespread feeling of frustration and false expectations was the common denominator that brought together a group of actors and other friends who decided to put up a practical demonstration of our resistance against what is forthcoming.  Partly because of necessity, partly because of the need for unity and for solidarity, partly because of the need for a united, strong, common and apolitical voice to be heard by the outside world. In claiming our dignity we have united our voices, drawing strength from each other, regardless of the issues that may divide us, in order to overcome together the difficulties ahead.

The CyprusAid concert is an idea that was born and implemented in record time, at no cost, thanks to the selfless participation of individuals, companies and organisations and the generous support and contribution of local authorities, state corporations, as well as of many individuals who responded to our invitation without a second thought.  The idea behind it is to convey an optimistic message for the future: together we can do better.

From 4 pm until midnight on 1 April, about 50 artists from different musical backgrounds, from Cyprus and Greece, will unite their voices and their art in a way that only the language of music knows how to unite, to express in their own way their practical support to the people of our country.

Among the performers to take part in the CyprusAid concert are Lina Nicolacopoulou, Alkinoos Ioannides, Demetra Galani, Christos Thiveos, Christos Dantis, Evridiki, Antonis Mitzelos, Demetris Koryialas, Sophia Papazoglou, Ero, Alex Panayi, Christina Argyri, Marlain Angelides, Despina Olympiou, George Kalogirou, Efstathia, Argyro Kaparou, Sotos Constantinou, Demetris Markis, Eleonora Rousou, Tefkros Neocleous, Nicos Evangelou, Salina, Myrto Meletiou, Michalis and Petros Kouloumis, Rodos Kyriacou and an array of talented musicians, as well as select groups such as the VATUKINO, a 20-member percussionist band, and  the local bands LOPODYTES, METHEXIS and ENTECHNI ROK SKINI STO PERAMA.

The improvised groups of actors and friends consists, so far, of the following:  (in alphabetical order) Nataly Amman, Irene Andronikou, Marina Argyridou, Poppy Aristidou, Effie Charalambous, Nadia Charalambous, Niovi Charalambous, Myro Christodoulou, George Christophi, Charoula Christophi, Andrea Christophi, Maria Chrysaphi, Demetris Constantinides, Christos Constantinides, Andriana Constantinou, Dona Constantinou, Mara Constantinou, Marina Constantinou, Marios Constantinou, Christina Constantinou, Elena Demetriou, Vasiliki Dialyna, Evripides Dikeos, Nici Dragoumi, Sophia Eleftheriades, Lisa Georghiou, Kristiana Georghiou, Elena Giorgallou, Melinda Iacovides, Maria Iasonos, Thanasis Ioannou, Marios Kakoullis, Achilleas Kentonis, Petros Konomou, Myrto Kougiali, Anna Kouma, Nicholas Kouroumtzis, Christos Krasides, Vasiliki Kypreou, Zoe Kyprianou, George Kyriacou, Panagiotis Larkou, Chryso Louca, Andreas Makris, Lea Maleni, Marina Maleni, Stella Mallotides, Giannis Martharis, Pantelitsa Mavrogiannis, Frederiki Menelaou, Georgia Meshiti, Marianna Michael, Elias Michaelides, Herodotos Miltiadous, Haris Mylonas, Maria Neocleous, Marcella Neocleous, Neocles Neocleous, Andria Nicolaou, Eleni Odysseos, Stella Oratiou, Andri Orphanidou, Ena Paetsch, Maria Papacosta, Maria Papapetrou, Andreas  Paraschos, Alexandros Parisis, Soteris Pavlou, Fani Petsa, Maria Philippou, Penny Phiniri, Andreas Phylactou, Skevos Polycarpou, Minas Polychronakis, Christy Polydorou, Christos Polymenakos, Katerina Procopiou, Michalis Psilos, Eleonora Roussou, Zoe Samaras, Maria Salata, Elena Savva, Nikandros Savvides, Eleni Sidera, Olga Sophocleous, Sophocles Sophocleous, Stratos Stamati, Stavros Tartaris, Naso Themistocleous, Constantinos Tsartsalis, Marianna Vasiliou, Anna Yagkiozi, Anthie Zachariadou, Nicko Zavallis, Demetris Zavros as well as the following companies and organizations 7 Klidia, Altius hotel, Amathus Tourist Agency, Antonakis Bar, Artos Foundation, BMW Motercyclists Association, City Studio, Cleopatra Hotel, Colourpix, CYTA, Cyprus Airways, Dream Team & Associates, Erodos Taverna, Europa Hotel, Hilton Cyprus, Karvounomagiremata, Lemesios Sports, Nicosia Municipality, Petrolina, Photos Photiades Ltd, Reaction Cyprus, Zannetos Taverna, Zorbas Bakeries

We would like to thank all the media and also all others who are assisting us in making this event a success.

Because we have received an overwhelming number of calls from artists who want to take part voluntarily, we hope that similar events will be organized not only in Cyprus but also overseas in order to assist those in need. Therefore, we urge all organisations, companies and other bodies to hold similar events.