Debackliner sign with Pitch Black Records


Pitch Black Records is pleased to welcome DEBACKLINER into its artist roster and announce the band’s self-titled debut, out on October 21st!

Heavy metal outfit DEBACKLINER from Marseille, France, were originally formed in 2006 as “The Omega” and quickly got to work gradually developing and perfecting their style. About five years later and after numerous live appearances, including an opening slot for BLAZE BAYLEY, their unique style had reached perfection. The band’s name also changed to DEBACKLINER.

DEBACKLINER’s truly authentic style combines melodic heavy metal with some occasional death growls, some speed outbursts and even a sprinkle of some “pirate metal” as well as a touch of symphonic/operatic parts. Pure energy is just flowing out of DEBACKLINER, a result of a superb blend of old school metal with a powerful modern sound. Recorded, mixed and mastered at Freaky Dog Studio in their hometown, this is a debut album that simply sounds mind-blowingly glorious!

A song is now available for streaming and free download below and the album is up for pre-order at &

Bob Saliba: Vocals
Thomas Pognante: Bass
Rémi Caleca: Guitars
Serge Servise: Drums
Eric Luvera: Rhythm Guitars

Debackliner photo

Album tracklisting:
1. Pandora
2. Rise of Angel
3. Children of the Night
4. Werewolf
5. Erase the Hordes
6. Mr. Jack
7. The Omega
8. Jolly Roger
9. Circle

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