Devilstone Open Air – Supported by Pitch Black Records

Lithuanian metal music festival, the DEVILSTONE Open Air, is approaching its second coming on July 16-18 in Dainuva valley, Anyksciai town. Extreme and radical music as well as other forms of expressions and experiences are going to flow free in the background of pure nature and unique cultural context of Anyksciai town.

DEVILSTONE Open Air is a rather unique festival in Lithuania that covers so geographically extensive flock of musicians. This time they come from 13 European countries: Norway, Sweden, Germany, France, Finland, England, Holland, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, Ukraine, Spain and Lithuania. The three festival shows will be headlined by GRAVE – a classic example of pure Swedish death metal, MAYHEM – Norwegian black metal cult, TANKARD – mad thrash metal wolves from Germany and NIGHTMARE – French heavy metal veterans. The headliners will be supported by other promising acts, unique for their ideas, musical virtuosity and artistic power. Overall multinational collection of various metal styles is surely worth witnessing.

Not only live performances make the whole festival. The DEVILSTONE weekend will be enriched with sportive, artistic and unusual challenges, such as MC Growl fight, Photo-contest, Volleyball tournament. Festival nights will attract to spend time in the Rockteque, where old-school rock will be played. The most delicate festival spot of freshly made tea tasting will help to recover ones strength and spirit.

The epicentre of this thoroughly arranged uproar is the Dainuva valley, surrounded by beautiful and untouched nature. Camping ground, swimming parties, football, fresh air – overall place is grateful for natural attractions. Likewise the cosy historical town of Anyksciai is worth a sightseeing trip. Not accidentally the festival name is inspired by local ancient legend, which tells about the devil, threatening against the town church with a huge stone…

Be a part of the DEVILSTONE festival, referring to the mysterious legend, and play your own modern role. There are all reasons to take this devilish challenge for the midsummer’s holiday in the intimate and natural surroundings with metal music and some of the world famous performers!

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DEVILSTONE Open Air 2010 line-up:

GRAVE [death metal, Sweden]
MAYHEM [black metal, Norway]
TANKARD [thrash metal, Germany]
DEVIOUS [death metal, Holland]
NIGHTMARE [heavy meal, France]
IZEGRIM [thrash/death metal, Holland]
DOMINANZ [modern atmospheric metal, Norway]
PANTHEON I [black metal, Norway]
BATTALION [thrash metal, Switzerland]
VALKYRJA [black metal, Sweden]
WHITE SKULL [power/heavy metal, Italy]
HELEVORN [doom metal, Spain]
SCYTHIAN [war metal, England]
LIE IN RUINS [death metal, Finland]
GORATH [progressive black metal, Belgium]
SEMARGL [black metal, Ukraine]
ARGHARUS [black metal, Lithuania]
BURYING PLACE [death metal, Lithuania]

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