Ghost Avenue return with third album!

Ghost Avenue - Impact (2017)

We are pleased to announce the return of Norway’s GHOST AVENUE whose new (third) album is scheduled to be released on February 3rd.

Formed in 2002 (originally as GHOST), GHOST AVENUE quickly managed to fine-tune their sound and gain a massive fan base after many live shows and some great reviews on their 2010 debut.

Offering a unique blend of classic hard rock and 80’s heavy metal and despite the obvious preference for the classics, the band manages to achieve a contemporary sound with music that’s full of melody and catchy tunes.

The release of their second (self-titled) album in 2013 through Pitch Black Records marked the beginning of a new era for the band who had by that time settled with their refined sound and overall style. The album received rave reviews from around the world, even making it to some best-of-the-year lists!

Their upcoming album, titled “Impact”, is a concept album about an alien invasion of earth and the battle for humanity’s freedom. The superb musicianship and performance are still there and so is the band’s distinctive hard rocking and melodic metal sound, which, along with the album’s amazing artwork are laying the groundwork for yet another astonishing release!

The album’s title track is now available for streaming and free download below and the album is already up for pre-order at & “Impact” will be released on CD and Digital.

“Impact” Track listing:
01. Impact
02. Escape
03. The Prison
04. Time Traveller
05. Affection
06. Dancing With the Devil
07. Construction
08. The Edge of Darkness
09. Collateral Damage
10. The Ace

Ghost Avenue 2017

Kim Ihsak Sandvik – Vocals
André Berger – Guitar and Backing Vocals
Petter Christopher Lein – Drums
Magnus Liseter – Bass
Øystein Wiik – Guitars

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