Happy New Year & Competition Winners!

Happy New Year to all!

The results from our competition draw are in! THANKS to everyone who participated and without further ado here are the lucky winners:

1. Stefanos Assimenos (Facebook)

2. Paul Neale (Facebook)

3. Romeo Kobzarini (Facebook)

4. Yuri Paraskevopoulos (Facebook)

5. Dale Schmucker (Facebook)

6. Ralf Göbel (Facebook)

7. @GUNNERSTOO (Twitter)

8. Raymond Ptak (Facebook)

9. @bmarrowesq (Twitter)

10. Ismael Reyes (Facebook)

If your name is on the list, we’ll be contacting you soon but do feel free to get in touch with us first if you like!

Once again, the prizes are as follows:

1. Winner 1: TWENTY (20) Pitch Black Records releases on CD, including the limited edition of ARRAYAN PATH’s “Dawn of Aquarius” + a Tshirt + a PBR 10-years Coffee Mug
2. Winner 2: TEN (10) Pitch Black Records releases on CD + a Tshirt
3. Winner 3: FIVE (5) Pitch Black Records releases on CD + a Tshirt
4. Winners 4-10: ONE (1) CD each of a Pitch Black Records release

Here’s to an AWESOME 2019! \m/