Hello 2012!

2011 is now history and we are moving full speed ahead into 2012 with… what else, PBR 012!

We feel great about all 4 releases we’ve had in 2011, all of them have received notable reviews and were embraced by fans. Just a quick recap, last year saw the release of the following Pitch Black titles:

EMERALD SUN “Regeneration” (PBR 008)
Brilliant power metal from Greece, featuring a superb cover of the 80’s classic “Holding out for a Hero”. This album was picked up for a special release in Japan by Rubicon Music.

CHAINED AND DESPERATE “Divine Authority Abolishment” (PBR 009BPS)
Our first black metal release which also gave birth to the ‘BLACKEST PITCH SERIES’. All releases under this will feature an “eclectic” blend of black metal with the first pressing always limited to 333 numbered copies housed inside a unique digipack with silver metallic printing on glossy black.

ARRAYAN PATH “Ira Imperium” (PBR 010)
Slightly altered name but still the same kick-ass band offering the same epic greatness and music! There hasn’t been a single negative review so far about this album and it has already made it into a number of ‘best of 2011’ lists by webzines and magazines all over the world. Of course we shouldn’t forget the guest appearance by legendary vocalist Tony Martin (ex Black Sabbath) on this album.

ILLNATH “Third Act in the Theatre of Madness” (PBR 011)
Unavoidably a lot of people compare ILLNATH’s front woman with Angela Gossow of ARCH ENEMY but Mona Beck has a really unique style that makes her shine throughout the album and she does offer a lot to ILLNATH’s sound. No one would be able to guess the kind of voice that this girl holds inside her just by looking at her! This album will be released in Japan very soon by Spiritual Beast Records.

In 2011 we also supported the debut album of Cypriot 80’s rockers R.U.S.T., “Forged in the Fire of Metal”. Another fine example of the great musicianship and immense passion for metal that the Cyprus scene has to offer.

On with 2012 now! While we can’t reveal a lot of details yet, the new year will see at least 5 new Pitch Black releases, including a German hard rock band, some heavy and power metal bands from Russia and Poland and another couple of Cypriot releases including a VERY special one for which we’ll… just leave it to that, for now! Also, the second ‘BLACKEST PITCH SERIES’ release will come out this year.

We will also become involved with some concerts this year, starting of course with the annual POWER OF THE NIGHT metal festival, now in its 7th instalment. The festival has its own website now and everyone should check it out at

Lastly, we’re working hard on our very own mobile app and it should be going live soon. We’ll kick off with the android version but over the course of time we’re hoping to have it available on as many platforms as possible including the iphone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and others. Don’t expect a rocket science app, just a very simple app to have Pitch Black Records a bit closer to you, keeping you updated and more connected to us…

So, a happy new year to everyone and we look forward to sharing some more great music with you this year!