Marauder “In Memory” (Κύπρος 1974)

Music dy Andreas Tsaoussis – Lyrics by Alexander Kostarakos

Cyprus is at war
No chance to win this fight
Live free or die
Blood filled our fathers’ land
They took all we had
They left us on our own
We stand alone

I pray for salvation
We’re gonna rock the nation

Thousands of our brothers fought and died
We can’ t forget the day that Death took them by his side
We pray for this nightmare comes to end
In memory we sing for you, until we meet again

Wrath fills my inner soul
Whenever I recall
The day my brothers fell
I wish you well

I know the day will come
I’ll stand like a man
I’ll have them taste my gun
Like father, like son

No mercy to slayers
Death to all betrayers

Thousands …

I see you, I feel you
My brothers I miss you


Why they died?
So young
Angels in the sky