New Cyprus scene compilation!


So… we have been silently working on a compilation album of Cyprus bands. This of course won’t come as a surprise to anyone who knows how much we support and always try to promote the local scene here in Cyprus, even if it’s bands that are not part of our roster.

A full announcement will be made within the next few days, including title, cover and participating bands but for now let’s remember another compilation, one which “meant a lot” for the small Cyprus scene back then when it came out. That compilation has now reached a somewhat cult status (or legendary as some fans maintain) and it’s a much sought-after item by collectors (in Cyprus and abroad).

It was the first compilation ever released for the Cyprus scene and it meant so much to a lot of the bands that were on it as it was really the chance for most of them (if not all) to have their music on a professionally-produced CD, even as part of a compilation album.


Released in 1997, “Bloodbrothers – A Compilation of Recordings by Rock Bands from Cyprus” featured 13 tracks by 9 bands, most of them no longer active right now. You can check out more about it here.

“Bloodbrothers”’ was released by Laughing Stock Disks and the man mainly responsible for putting it together is none other than our good friend Mr. Robert Camassa, a well-known radio personality here in Cyprus, an avid music collector (he’s more of an encyclopaedia of music actually but that’s another story) and of course he as well is a huge supporter of the Cyprus scene.

Robert’s words on the CD back then were: “Somebody said that rock music is ‘a way of life’. What a load of bull! Rock music is about passion. And we think you’ll find tons of passion on this CD.”

Now, 16 years later, we still agree with that statement and at the same time we feel that it also applies to the new compilation we’ve put together and we hope that everyone will agree after checking it out.

So stay tuned for the full update coming soon!