Six months after the release of this great epic folk power metal concept album about Alexander the Great we are now pleased to offer its Special Edition!

An extremely limited edition of 50 numbered copies which features:

– A beautiful engraved wood case housing the original CD
– An exclusive sticker
– A previously unreleased track as bonus (provided via a secret download link)

This is now available from our eBay Store and quantities are already running low so act fast!

SACRED BLOOD “Alexandros” (PBR 015SE)

Track listing

1. The Warrior’s Scion
2. The Bold Prince of Macedonia
3. The Battle of the Granicus (Persian in Throes)
4. Phalanx Invicta/Marching to War
5. Golden Shields in the Sky/Death Behind the Walls
6. New God Rising (At the Oracle of Siwa)
7. Battle eld Aenaon
8. The Apotheosis of Alexander/Ride Through the Achaemenid Empire
9. Heart of the Ocean (Nearchus Advancing)
10. Macedonian Force
11. Legends Never Die
12. Velerefontis*

* Bonus (previously unreleased – secret download link)