SOLITARY SABRED Return With “Redemption Through Force”

Solitary Sabred

Pitch Black Records in its continued efforts to support its local metal scene, is pleased to be supporting the self-released second album of Cyprus-based US epic/power metal mega force SOLITARY SABRED, titled “Redemption Through Force.”

SOLITARY SABRED were formed in 2007, releasing their debut (“The Hero The Monster The Myth”) two years later. They have played live alongside such great acts as Manilla Road, Praying Mantis, Ross the Boss, Dark Quarterer and others.

The band’s new album consists of 10 tracks of utter power and steel, very true to the rich tradition of 80s US power metal filled with everything one would expect – from thundering steel to crashing kicking and screaming! The album also features a guest appearance by Howie Bentley (Cauldron Born).

“Redemption Through Force” is set for release worldwide on October 7th, while a limited number of copies were made available at this year’s Power of the Night Festival where SOLITARY SABRED performed. The album will be available through the band’s official website as well as Pitch Black Records and its distribution partners and also through all major digital stores.

Petros “Asgardlord” Leptos – Vocals
Demetris “Spartacus” Demetriou – Guitars
Nikolas “Sprits” Moutafis – Guitars
George Stainlesz – Bass
Antreas Tapa – Drums

Solitary Sabred photo

Album track listing:
1.Synaxxis of Honor
2.Disciples of the Sword
3.Stigmata of Pain
4. A Violent Transgression
5. Redeemer
6. Burn Magic, Black Magic
7. Resurrectio Animi
8. Sarah Lancaster (the witch’s breed)
9. Realm of Darkness
10. Revelation
11. Damnation

For more info visit the band’s official links: www.solitarysabred.com & www.facebook.com/sabredmetal.