William J Tsamis (March 13, 1961 – May 13, 2021) – The Official Tribute

The day has finally arrived! The official tribute to William J Tsamis (“A Crack in the Sky”) is released today, the 1-year anniversary of the legendary guitarist/songwriter’s passing.

The album is available on Digipak CD with a Double-LP edition coming out in September this year. The special Book edition (limited to 100) has already sold out. The album is also available of course on all digital stores.

Digital & other

As part of today’s release, Pitch Black Records is offering, → through a permanent dedicated page , a special digital edition booklet of the album’s liner notes, free for anyone to download as a pdf or to simply flip through its pages (optimized for both mobile and desktop devices).

Thank you Bill Tsamis! This is for you!

Photo of William J Tsamis