Lyrical Epic Power Metal act ARRAYAN PATH returns with its 6th album, “Dawn of Aquarius” just a little over a year since the band’s last offering (“Chronicles of Light”).

This album is as full as it gets, not only because of its 13 tracks but also because it includes everything that has always distinguished the band all masterfully blended together creating a remarkable musical variety – from galloping fast and epic, to dark and doomy, exotic melodies and soaring epic vocals! It’s also one that reveals a somewhat darker side to the band, mainly due to the album’s central theme.

In the words of Nicholas Leptos, the band’s frontman and driving force: “This album is 13 mantras honouring mother goddess Kali and explores all aspects of Hindu history and mythology in regards to the black Madonna – Kali. The album’s full name is actually ‘Dawn of Aquarius: Maha Kali Stuti’ and this is an album as varied as Kali’s many faces and traits.”

Even though the album’s theme might seem odd for an epic metal album, there should be no doubt that this is a pure epic heavy/power metal album! Especially with the addition of some traditional folk instruments such as the oud and yaylin tambur. No mistake should be made, this is 100% ARRAYAN PATH, complete with the catchy choruses and melodies and the band’s unique blend of 80s and 90s heavy metal!