ARRAYAN PATH - Dawn of Aquarius SE

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This ultra limited edition comes in a beautifully-crafted acrylic case which houses the CD version of the album but with one additional bonus track – a previously unreleased, cover version of the A-HA classic “Hunting High and Low”.

This edition is limited to just 50 numbered copies with the numbering indicated on both the case as well as the CD inlay. Furthermore, the booklet includes a special link from where the entire album (including the bonus) can be downloaded in high quality mp3.

Lastly, anyone who orders from the Pitch Black Records Online Store, will be able to select the number they would like (based on availability of course, so first come - first served).

Act fast, as this is expected to run out in no time so as to make room for “ARCHEGONOI”!

1. Equilibrium
2. The Flower Born of Itself
3. Dark Daughter of the Snake
4. The Hundred Names of Kali Ma
5. So it Shall be Written
6. She Who is Primordial Wisdom
7. Dawn of Aquarius
8. Cremation Grounds
9. Empress (Reality of all the Threes)
10. Lotus Eyes
11. The Eleventh Mantra
12. Guardian Angel
13. Garland of Skulls
14. Hunting High and Low*

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