BLACK SOUL HORDE - Horrors From The Void

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Cat. #: PC1555/VST003CD
Record Label: Vinylstore
Year: 2021
Format: CD

Heavy Metal act Black Soul Horde are back with a new album in less than a year after the release of their critically acclaimed sophomore album Land Of Demise. The new album bares the title Horrors From The Void and is heavily inspired by the Lovecraftian universe. Eight new tracks travelling a path through heavy, power and at times, even prog metal, engulfed in a thick, warm, humid and sometimes menacing atmosphere. With an extended dive into Lovecraft Country and hints of Northern and Greek mythology in there, the album offers a variety of lyrical themes to be discovered accompanied by heavy and evolving riffs and melodies in the vein of the Black Soul Horde style. This release is a testament to the band’s roots and influences as well as to the commitment to evolve without losing their identity. Rejoice and embrace the Horrors From The Void.

1. Beneath the Mountains of Madness
2. Beware the Deep
3. Blinding Void
4. Lair of the Wolf
5. Malediction of the Dead
6. God of War
7. The Curse
8. The Betrayal of the King
9. Dragonfire (CD bonus track)
10. The Horde (CD bonus track)

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