CRIMSON WIND - Last Poetry Line

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Cat. #: PBR034
Year: 2015
Format: CD
Formed in Palermo, Italy, in December 2008 by Claudio Florio (of Trinkarius and Holy Knights) and Niki Zummo who both wanted to form a band heavily influenced by power metal, the band’s debut album («The Wings of Salvation») was released in 2011 receiving raving reviews worldwide from fans and music critics.
The band is now back with their sophomore effort, titled “Last Poetry Line” and featuring a new vocalist along with a refreshing sound delivering their fierce version of Symphonic Power Metal which apart from some damn serious drumming and riffing also includes fine keyboard and choir arrangements among other elements. This is definitely an album no Power Metal fan should miss!
Album tracklist:
01 Black Shelter
02 Last Poetry Line
03 Death Dwells in Sight
04 In Vain
05 The Hills Gaze in Silence
06 Still
07 The Storm
08 Whisper
09 Heirloom
10 Farewell is Forever (CD bonus)

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