DIPHTHERIA - To Wait for Fire

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Cat. #: PBR001
Year: 2008
Format: CD

Originally formed in 1993, DIPHTHERIA has received raving reviews all over the world and has participated in various compilations with the most noteworthy being 1999's "Children of the Damned" tribute to Iron Maiden.

Deliverying a unique mixture of melodic heavy/power/doom metal DIPHTHERIA only managed to release their first full-length album 15 years later... If that's not dedication and passion then what is?! 
Released as a limited edition of 1,000 numbered copies, including a... red match inside the spine as a "complement" to the title.
1. Ending Ceremony
2. I Believe
3. Behind the Mirror's Eye
4. To Wait for Fire
5. As Darkness Casts its Veil   
6. Sleeping With the Worms
7. Save Me   
8. Start Again   
9. Living to Die*
10. God Wanted (Apply Here)*
* Bonus - Demo '95 remastered

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