DRAGON SWAY - Bloodlust Awaken

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Cat. #: SSR-CD06
Record Label: Steel Shark Records
Year: 2021
Format: CD

The debut album! Featuring a bonus track (LOUDNESS cover).

Japanese guitarist Warzy (Hiroshi Yamashita) and Norwegian vocalist Jram (Jon-Egil Ramslie) first met in Bangkok, Thailand in 2014. Jram has a lot of local activities, even if none of them are well known. Warzy met him when he was studying at a Thai music school, learning recording techniques. At that time, Warzy ran a musical instrument store in Thailand. Jram came to the store to play, and then a musical kinship and creative alliance appeared, and both decided that a future collaboration was imperative.


1. Live The Life Like You Think
2. Living For The Weekend
3. Assassination
4. Riot Of Fools
5. Take A Zip Of Reality
6. Final Attack
7. Hunting For Prey
8. Bloodlust Awaken
9. Dream Fantasy (Bonus)

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