FLITCRAFT - House at the Centre of the Universe

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Cat. #: PBR076
Year: 2023
Format: CD

FLITCRAFT is the personal project of hard rock / heavy metal musician Phillip T. King. Last seen on vocals and guitar in 70’s influenced psych-rockers BUTTERFLY, and on vocals in traditional / speed metallers GALAXY, King’s new project falls somewhere in between those previous musical adventures. It’s hard rock with quirk, traditional heavy metal with a twist.

Part heavy and part lite, part psychedelic and part progressive; FLITCRAFT is strange, yet familiar music, for strange, yet familiar times.

Track listing:
1. Error Era (2137)
2. Earth is Not a Perfect Sphere
3. I Forgot Everything (Research at Dive Bars)
4. Chrysalistless (Uly’s Lament)
5. Galactic Road Trip (Wayworn Travellers)
6. Mother Jane (Mnemosyne)
7. Smoko With Sisyphus
8. The Pyre of John McDonald
9. The House (Entering, Redintegration, Mother Reprise, Era’s End)

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