HARD RIOT - The Blackened Heart

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Cat. #: PBR030
Year: 2014
Format: CD
A follow-up to their highly successful 2012 debut, “The Blackened Heart” sees the band becoming even more tight, solid and explosive! With a superb production by Vagelis Maranis of Maranis Studios in Backnang, Germany this album simply begs the question “Are you HARD enough to start a RIOT?!”
The CD version of “The Blackened Heart” includes a bonus track, featuring guest vocals by Richard Sjunnesson of THE UNGUIDED.

Album track listing:
1. Blackout
2. Suicide Blues
3. Devils BBQ
4. The End
5. Count On Me
6. Not Alone
7. The Enemy Within
8. Dirty Games
9. Last Goodbye
10. High Society Bitch
11. Hit The Ground
12. The End (CD Bonus – feat. Richard Sjunnesson of The Unguided)


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