HOLY DRAGONS - Civilizator

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Cat. #: PBR044
Year: 2016
Format: CD
Kazakhstan s ultimate metal band returns with their FOURTEENTH album, two years after their last offering ( Dragon Inferno ).
Civilizator can best be described as an overview of the band s stylistic evolution during its 20-year history, showcasing the various dimensions of the band s sound.
This is pure classic old school heavy metal with the influence of the British and German schools of metal being clearly evident. Shredding guitar parts, the occasional acoustic parts and the powerful guitar riffs make this their best album yet!
Album tracklist:
1. Civilizator
2. Singularity
3. Through the Walls of Lies
4. Bat Bomb
5. My Fear (Litany)
6. Secret Friend
7. No Oil No War
8. The Long Earth
9. Blossoming Sakura
10. Hawker Hurricane
11. Emptiness (The Void)
12. Stop the War

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