HOLY DRAGONS - Unholy and Saints

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Cat. #: PBR062
Year: 2019
Format: CD
Metal veterans HOLY DRAGONS, are back with their FIFTEENTH studio album!

Hailing from Kazakhstan and having formed in the early 90s HOLY DRAGONS have remained faithful to their musical roots and have been consistent to their unique sound and style while of course throughout the years they have refined it more and more.

Speed is clearly evident in the band’s style which however includes references to traditional heavy metal as well as Hard Rock. Call them Speed/Heavy Metal or Speed/Power or NWOBHM and you’re spot on!

“Unholy and Saints” is the title of the band’s latest offering, a follow-up to 2016’s excellent “Civilizator”. As usual the old school heavy metal is there along with the shredding guitars but this new album includes a small surprise, particularly for long-time fans of the band. After a line-up change, the vocals are now handled by the band’s guitarist (and founding member) Chris "Thora Thorheim" Caine!

01. The Boilerplate (The Story of a Victorian Robot)
02. Ravens Of Odin
03. Through the Dark Sky
04. Schweigespirale (The Spiral of Silence)
05. Fly Your Guitar
06. Ravenmore
07. The Hall of Shame
08. Three Greatest Pigs
09. Fimbulwinter
10. Pretenders
11. Beltane Night's Dream
12. The Elf
13. Unholy and Saints
14. Free Digital Hell

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