HUNTED - Deliver Us

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Cat. #: PBR068
Year: 2021
Format: CD

After a lengthy break from release activity, Welsh-borne Progressive Heavy Metal act HUNTED returns stronger than ever with their sophomore full-length effort "Deliver Us".

Now operating as a quartet consisting of arch-wailer Chris G, axeman Steve Barberini along with the habile rhythm section of bassist Jon Letson and drummer Matt "Animal" Thomas, the band has spent their time wisely; improving upon their compositional and instrumental skills to offer us this mercurial blend of Heavy Metal's past, present and future. Painstakingly refined into maximum alchemical combustion by the expert hand of Sonic One Studios' producer Tim Hamill, the new material sees the four-piece up the ante in regard to the successful formula established on their praised debut album "Welcome the Dead" (2010, Massacre Records), arriving at an updated mode of expression that can only be described as a highly distinctive amalgamation of North American and European Progressive Heavy/Power Metal.

Album tracklisting
1. Velvet Worm
2. Salvation on a String
3. For the Blind
4. Burning Ones
5. The Black Shore
6. The Lie
7. One More Time
8. Misled
9. Time Will Tell
10. Our Final Embrace
11. Maldito Sea Tu Nombre (CD bonus)

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