INFECTED SYREN - Infected Syren

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Cat. #: SYR1
Record Label: Self-Release
Year: 2018
Format: CD
Excellent debut album by Cyprus-based Punk/Metal quartet featuring a guest vocal appearance by Paul Bate (SCARRED SOCIETY).

INFECTED SYREN’s sound incorporates Metal, Punk, Hardcore and Psychobilly, all masterfully blended together to create the band’s truly unique sound. Aptly enough, band members describe their music as “sick music for sick people!”

1. Infected Circus
2. The B.B.P.
3. UnNormal
4. Sick
5. Unwanted
6. Boogie Stick
7. The Torture Brothers
8. Divide and Rule
9. Death After the Melody
10. Toothless Tigers
11. Syrens in The Opera

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