KEMEROV - Anti-Hero

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Cat. #: PC1770/VST126001CD
Record Label: Vinylstore
Year: 2021
Format: CD

Rising from the Greek underground scene, 4 years after their debut full release titled "FMKD", Kemerov get back in action, striking us once again with their peculiar blend of smashing death'n'roll, inspired by the likes of Entombed, early Carcass, and even Six Feet Under or Bolt Thrower at times.

"Anti-Hero" consists of all we love about Kemerov: Brick-like distorted guitars, overwhelmingly aggressive rhythm section and old-school guttural brutal vocals that reak of Sweden's Gothenburg, more than they would ever care to admit. Firm, mature and straightforward as very few, it will make you groove your ass, smash your neck and break your bones by relentless moshing, seconds before you catch yourself singing with a raised fist and 40 minutes before you are deemed slack-jawed in astonishment.

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