KIKIS A. APOSTOLOU - Phases of Time

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Cat. #: KIK01
Record Label: Self-Release
Year: 2020
Format: CD
Kikis A. Apostolou, a passionate Hard Rock / Metal guitarist and composer for over 30 years from Nicosia, Cyprus, has contributed significantly to a number of bands and projects, including scene veterans ARMAGEDDON REV.16:16 as well as ARRAYAN PATH and CHAINSHEART, among many others.

2018 finds him taking a more personal path where he is now able to present his first solo album as a self-release. Titled “Phases of Time”, the album is a journey through Apostolou’s musical experiences as well as his charismatic guitar playing. His musical influences are clearly evident throughout the album, from classic, progressive and hard rock to heavy and even power metal.

Call him a virtuoso, a master, a shredder, or other, he is all that and so much more! Above all, Apostolou’s music is honest and passionate. All it takes is one simple listen and any hard rock/metal fan will immediately be convinced of his abilities and strong musicianship!

“Phases of Time” includes a total of 11 tracks, 6 instrumental and 5 songs each featuring a different vocalist, everyone extremely unique, talented and well-known and respected. The album also features some superb keyboard work by long-time friend Bob Katsionis (FIREWIND, OUTLOUD).

1. Under Confusion 
2. Shadows of an Angel's Wings 
3. Armies of the Cheruvim – feat. Nicholas Leptos (ARRAYAN PATH, WARLORD)
4. Full Moon in Spain
5. Living in a Carton Tent – feat. Jimmy Mavromatis (ARMAGEDDON REV.16:16, MIRROR)
6. Heaven Wish
7. Down on My Knees feat. Andreas Papamichalopoulos 
8. Through Laughter and Cries – feat. Tania Kikidi 
9. Black Orpheus (CD bonus)
10. Point of no Return – feat. Pavlos Gregoras 
11. Ending Theme

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