MARAUDER - Metal Constructions VII

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Cat. #: PBR075
Year: 2023
Format: CD

Greek Heavy Metal veterans MARAUDER are back with their 7th album!

This twelve-track, semi-conceptual opus will be sure to please long-time followers and newcomers alike with the classic MARAUDER blend of muscular Heavy/Power Metal, melodic finesse and fist-pumping anthems – all channelled into what is arguably the band’s most heartfelt musical statement since 2000’s masterpiece “1821”.

Having enjoyed a joint career spanning over 30 years, guitarist duo George Sofronas and Andreas Tsaousis have shown a remarkable ability to successfully steer MARAUDER through a variety of times and settings. By staying true to their roots? Definitely, but also by refining their craft and by adding new tricks to the table, so to speak. “Metal Constructions VII” is no exception.

Track listing:
1. Intro
2. Strike Back Again
3. Shout it Out
4. Under Her Spell
5. Nightfall
6. Erase
7. Rock Fighters
8. The Iron Mask
9. Holy Bible
10. Never Die
11. The Son of God
12. Father

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