MIRROR - The Day Bastard Leaders Die

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Cat. #: CRUZ138
Record Label: Cruz Del Sur Music
Year: 2022
Format: CD

"A traditional mixture, served in a contemporary way." - Rocks (DE), 8/10

"Lots of details and hooks!" - Musikreviews (DE), 13/15

"Fantastic old school metal on an excellent high level!" - FFM Rock (DE), 9/10

"Enthusiasm, vocal power and skill!" - Powermetal.de (DE), 8.5/10

"No trends, no hypes. This album follows the true intension of traditional heavy metal and has enough to offer to provide longtime delight." - Heavy Music Blog (DE), 8/10

"This album offers a lot of variety and a successful 80s production that is almost perfect." - Deaf Forever (DE), 8.5/10

"Their best album so far - true & tight, rough & rapid and veryfukkineavy!" - Rock Hard (DE)

"A masterpiece of pathos and metallic intensity!" - Rock Hard (IT), 8.5/10

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