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Cat. #: PBR042
Year: 2016
Format: CD
Norway s peculiar extreme metallers PICTURES OF PAIN return with World Demise , their second album, six years after their debut ( The Reckoning ).
This is a more technical and complete album compared to the band s debut but with an added touch of an epic feeling throughout their songs. The result can only be described as PICTURES OF PAIN with their unique ability to blend a bit of everything from the hard side of music and not only
The band manages again to surprise with their truly unique and interesting style of music and with the album s superb production where there is A LOT happening in the music while managing to have everything sound loud and clear!
1. Legacy
2. The Storm
3. Time
4. Out Of Control
5. I Walk Alone
6. Truth and Lies
7. The Edge
8. As We Fall
9. World Demise

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