SINNERY - A Feast of Fools

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Cat. #: PBR045
Year: 2016
Format: CD

SINNERY are one of those prime examples of education (in metal) done right! A group of friends (now in their early 20s), all youngsters when they first formed the band in 2012 wanting to play old school thrash metal.

A Feast of Fools is the band s debut album; a fierce thrash metal album that is hard to define, yet very easy to process! It s aggressive and relentless and although having a top-notch production, the band still manages through its sound to pay tribute to the glorious old days of thrash metal.

A fiery passion is evident throughout the album and as the band puts it the album steers clear from the modern approach of playing every trick in the book just to appear sophisticated . Rightly so, this album is the perfect mix of just enough simplicity and raw brutality along with some fine moments of finesse and technicality drawing listeners in and keeping them locked in while enjoying their ears being destroyed!

Album tracklist:
1. Revolutions for Nothing (H.A.C)
2. Built to Kill
3. Magic Bullet
4. Showing Teeth
5. Mad Dog
6. Holy Grounds
7. Black Widow
8. Symphony of Sorrow
9. A Feast of Fools

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