THE CROSS - Act II: Walls of the Forgotten

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Cat. #: PBR072
Year: 2022
Format: CD

Pitch Black Records is thrilled to announce that Brazil’s legendary Doom Metal act THE CROSS has joined its roster! The band’s second full-length, “Act II: Walls of the Forgotten”, is scheduled to be released on May 27.

THE CROSS is recognized as the first doom metal band in Brazil, founded in Salvador - Bahia by Eduardo "Slayer" Mota in 1990 with the band’s sound and style inspired by bands such as Black Sabbath, Candlemass, and Trouble.

“Act II: Walls of the Forgotten” features a number of notable guests, all of whom vastly contributing to the overall result: Albert Bell (FORSAKEN, NOMAD SON), Leo Stivala (FORSAKEN), Achraf Loudiy (AETERNAM) and, last but certainly not least, Aaron Stainthorpe (MY DYING BRIDE).

Track listing:
1. Behind the Stone Gate (9:43)
2. Walls of the Forgotten (10:52)
3. Beyond the Eyes of Seth (12:02)
4. Sonnenstein Castle (9:33)
5. Umbral (6:30)
6. Ouroboros (9:39)

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