VALOR - Arrogance: The Fall

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Cat. #: PBR051
Year: 2017
Format: CD
Originally formed in 2002, VALOR have released since then an EP, a 7” single and two albums while also playing live with every chance they got, perfecting the chemistry between them as well as their song-writing while fine-tuning their sound.

VALOR have always been distinguished by unique epic compositions and superb performances filled with melody and passion and of course pure epic heaviness! These attributes are clearly evident of course throughout the band’s newest release, “Arrogance: The Fall”.

Even though their latest work might be a bit more on the aggressive side in terms of song-writing, the band’s masterful blend of melodic power metal with galloping riffs and epic elements is still there! Along with an improved and refined sound, “Arrogance: The Fall” promises not to disappoint their fans who are eagerly awaiting this release or any other fans of finely-crafted epic power metal for that matter!

Track listing:
1. Uprising
2. Arrogant Fall
3. Flying Away
4. In the Name of Valor
5. The Crown of Evermore
6. Dark are the Eyes of the Night
7. Pandora’s Gift
8. In Another Time
9. Sanctuary for All
10. No Angel’s Face

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