VARIOUS - Bloodbrothers II

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Cat. #: PBR022
Year: 2013
Format: CD


Bloodbrothers II – A Compilation of Recordings by Rock/Metal Bands From Cyprus” celebrates the legacy of the original “Bloodbrothers” compilation, released in 1997, a now considered hard-to-find, cult classic. Ranging from epic, power, traditional, thrash and death metal to alternative, progressive and punk rock, “Bloodbrothers II” aims to showcase some of the most talented bands Cyprus currently has to offer. With 18 bands featured and a playing time of one hour and nineteen minutes this is as “full” a CD as it can get! 
Including unreleased material from internationally renowned bands (such as “Fallen Angels and Lost Souls” of scene veterans ARMAGEDDON and ARRAYAN PATH’s “The Bible Bleeds”), cherished classics from the Cyprus underground and the first exciting blasts from a fresh, new generation, “Bloodbrothers II” runs the gamut from mega-studio-awesomeness to raw garage demo; but the musicianship and passion are evident throughout this compilation!
Includes a foreword by Robert Camassa, the man who conceptualized and oversaw the production of the original “Bloodbrothers” compilation.  A respected radio producer and fanatic music collector, Robert’s tireless support of the Cyprus scene has helped many of the bands on this disc make their first steps and has made him the unsurpassed authority on the music scene in Cyprus. Turning the phrase “blood brothers” into one word is deliberate in an attempt to further emphasize the strong bond that exists between the members of the scene.
Track listing:
1. ARRAYAN PATH - The Bible Bleeds
2. ARMAGEDDON - Fallen angels and lost souls
3. WINTER’S VERGE – Semeni
4. SOLITARY SABRED - Redeemer (rough mix)
5. ASTRONOMIKON – Witch Hunter
6. R.U.S.T. - Metal Child
7. LETHAL SAINT - Out For The Kill
8. SERPENT TEETH - Legion of the Dead
9. HARDRAW – Revenge
10. MARIANNE’S WISH – Brainwash
11. UNDER THE NUMBER - Hero for a day
14. ZONER – Frrreakout
15. ONEIRISM - Render Real (demo)
16. QUADRAPHONIC - Social Suicide
17. STORMCAST – Withdrawn
18. BLYND – Sins to the Cross
Total playing time: 79:39


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