VARIOUS - Cyprus Rocks '18 (DVD)

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Cat. #: PBR001DVD
Year: 2019
Format: DVD
Cyprus Rocks Festival is an annual event held on the shoreline of the Eastern Sea, in the one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world – Protaras, Cyprus. Organised by UK-based Iron Stallion Promotions, it features some of the finest tributes to the biggest names in Classic Rock. This unique and highly acclaimed week-long festival continues to attract lovers of sun, sea, sand and live music from the UK, Europe and beyond.

This DVD, filmed on Trinity Beach, Protaras over three nights, in October 2018, during the 3rd instalment of the festival, showcases some of the best moments of the weekend’s live performances from Live Wire - The AC/DC Show (AC/DC), Bon Giovi (BON JOVI), Reckless Roses (GUNS ‘N’ ROSES), Hi-On Maiden (IRON MAIDEN) Aerosmith Rocks (AEROSMITH), The Doors Alive (THE DOORS) Scopyons (SCORPIONS), Rainbow In Rock (DEEP PURPLE, RAINBOW) and Dio Rising (RONNIE JAMES DIO).

This is an excellent documentation of the wonderful times experienced during Cyprus Rocks Festival ’18 and of course a very good indication of the good fun that can be expected from future instalments of the festival. It will surely make a great souvenir for those attended but will also serve as an introduction to others who will definitely want to consider attending after watching the DVD.

DAY 1:
1. SCOPYONS - No One Like You
2. SCOPYONS - Coming Home
3. SCOPYONS - Rock You Like a Hurricane
4. SCOPYONS – Holiday
5. AEROSMITH ROCKS - Same Old Song and Dance
7. AEROSMITH ROCKS - Dude Looks Like a Lady
8. AEROSMITH ROCKS - Sweet Emotion
9. BON GIOVI - It’s My Life
10. BON GIOVI - Bad Medicine
11. BON GIOVI - Lay Your Hands on Me
12. BON GIOVI - Dead or Alive
DAY 2:
13. DIO RISING - Die Young
14. DIO RISING - Don’t Talk to Strangers
15. DIO RISING - Holy Diver
16. DIO RISING -Catch the Rainbow
17. HI-ON MAIDEN - The Trooper
18. HI-ON MAIDEN - Phantom of The Opera
19. HI-ON MAIDEN - Iron Maiden
20. HI-ON MAIDEN -Fear of the Dark
21. LIVE/WIRE - Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
22. LIVE/WIRE - Shoot to Thrill
23. LIVE/WIRE - Thunderstruck
24. LIVE/WIRE - High Voltage
DAY 3:
25. RAINBOW IN ROCK - Eyes of The World
26. RAINBOW IN ROCK - Stormbringer
27. RAINBOW IN ROCK - Child in Time
28. RAINBOW IN ROCK - Smoke on The Water
29. THE DOORS ALIVE - Roadhouse Blues
30. THE DOORS ALIVE - Love Her Madly
31. THE DOORS ALIVE - Light My Fire
32. THE DOORS ALIVE - Riders on the Storm
33. RECKLESS ROSES - Mr Brownstone
34. RECKLESS ROSES - You’re Crazy
35. RECKLESS ROSES - You Could Be Mine
36. RECKLESS ROSES - November Rain

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